Superior Studies


  • DEC: People from Quebec (aged 16 years old and over) and
    lllllpeople from France (aged 17 years old and over).
  • DEE: People from any other countries; aged 18
    lllllyears old and over. 

Candidates must be in excellent physical condition, have good and regular training ethics and have developed abilities in a circus discipline or in a similar activity such as dance, gymnastics, trampoline, martial arts, etc.



Quebec City Circus School offers 2 programs


For Quebecers and French



Other nationalities





This training program is focused on the achievement of a creative project in a specific circus discipline and on developing other necessary abilities to become a circus artist.

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Courses take place from Monday to Friday, from 8:15 AM to 6:00 PM. 

Program duration

Three years (6 terms), 35 weeks per year, from the end of August to the beginning of June.

End of the year performance

At the end of every academic year, students engage either in a collective creation or in a show created by a theatre/stage director.


Following competencies assessment principles, students receive, at the end of each session (for a total of 6), a formative evaluation follow‑up which helps them to understand and adopt the necessary adjustments for their progression. Then, they receive a summative report. Successful completion of each session is essential to pursue the program.

Preview of the academic progress in the Circus Arts program* 

1st year

Term 1:

  • Tour de piste
  • Entraînement, prévention et hygiène de vie I
  • Discipline principale I
  • Danse I
  • Exploration des disciplines de cirque
  • Jeu théâtral

Term 2:

  • Technique complémentaire
  • Entraînement, prévention et hygiène de vie II
  • Discipline principale II
  • Danse II
  • Discipline secondaire I
  • Présence scénique

2nd year

Term 3:

  • Cirque et courants artistiques
  • Entraînement, prévention et hygiène de vie III
  • Discipline principale et technique complémentaire I
  • Danse III
  • Discipline secondaire II
  • Interprétation I

Term 4:

  • En scène I
  • Entraînement, prévention et hygiène de vie IV
  • Discipline principale et technique complémentaire II
  • Danse IV
  • Discipline secondaire III
  • Interprétation II

3rd year

Term 5:

  • Profession artiste de cirque
  • Discipline principale et technique complémentaire III
  • Atelier d’expression
  • Discipline secondaire IV
  • En scène II

Term 6:

  • Profession artiste de cirque II
  • En piste
  • Discipline principale et technique complémentaire IV
  • Discipline secondaire V

*All courses are given in French and the courses which are part of the academic progress with the Cégep Limoilou are not listed here.