Tim Roberts
General manager

[email protected]
Ext. 233

Nathalie Hébert
Deputy Director

[email protected]
Ext. 231

Nancy Lessard
Director of the Recreational Sector

[email protected]
Ext. 222

Sonia Lessard
Executive Assistant

[email protected]
Ext. 242


Danielle Barbeau
Stage training coordinator

[email protected]
Ext. 229

Caroline Franc
Acrobatic coordinator

[email protected]
Ext. 244

Anne Lepage
Student life coordinator

[email protected]
Ext. 232

Fanny Laneuville-Castonguay
Circus-secondary studies coordinator

Beatrice Pelletier
Administrative assistant

[email protected]

Anne-Fay Audet Johnston | Handstand | Swinging trapeze | Flexibilitt
Yannick Blackburn | Aerials | Chinese pole
Jasmin Blouin | Juggling | Hand to hand | Acrobatics
Yannick Bouchard |
Juggling | Hand to hand | Acrobatics | German wheel
Searth Boun | Trampoline | Body placement
Richard Cameron-Morneau | Tight wire | Dance trapeze | Chinese pole | Slack rope
Francis Caron | Cyr wheel | Acrobatics | Trampo-wall 
Amélie Gagnon | Artistic advisor
Rachel Gauthier | Aerials
Alexandre Gillis | Chinese hoops | Hand to hand
Andrée Anne Hamel | Aerials | Pilates | Flexibility | Artistic advisor
Christophe Hamel | Trampoline | Trampo-wall
Camilo Hernandez Di Giorgi | Music
Alexandra Jacques | Dance | Flexibility
Geneviève Kérouac | Artistic advisor
Céline Khabdjian | Dance | Artistic advisor
Joelle La Haye | Dance 
Julie Lavergne | Artistic advisor | “Tour de piste” | “Profession artiste”
Olivier Lépine | Artistic advisor | “En scène” | Interpretation
Kenneth Lindemann | Handstand | Aerials 
Yolaine Loiselle | General and specific physical preparation
Lynne McGowann | French second language
Marc-Olivier Morin | Acrobatic bike
Sarah Morin | Dance
Jacques Palardy-Dion | Trampo-wall | Korean board | Craddle | Slack rope | Tight wire
Jocelyn Paré | “Jeu théâtral”
Maxime PerronArtistic advisor | “Jeu théâtral”
Chloé St-Jean Richard | German wheel | Aerials | Acrobatics
Francis Proteau | Juggling | Acrobatics


Yannick Bouchard
Advanced Course Coordinator

[email protected]

Shawn Barbeau
Group workshop coordinator

Karina Werneck-Assis
Coordinator of activities for toddlers

[email protected]

Marc-André Gunville
Adapted circus coordinator

[email protected]

Jacques Palardy-Dion
Flying trapeze coordinator

[email protected]

Gaetan Verette


Andrée Josée Milot
Production coordinator

[email protected]
Ext. 236

Robin Pueyo
communications coordinator

[email protected]

Philippe Gauthier
IT and Multimedia Coordinator

[email protected]

Nada Simard
Financial Controller

[email protected]
Ext. 234

Martha Cecilia Alzate
Accountant technician

[email protected]
Ext. 220

Maxime Lapointe
Accountant technician

[email protected]
Ext. 224

Patrice Dubé

[email protected]
Ext. 235

Yannick Gionest
Building manager

[email protected]

Monique Vachon
Housekeeping manager

[email protected]
Ext. 226


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Ext. 221

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