Application deadline – February 15, 2022
Deadline to submit your audition video – February 23, 2022

The registration period for Quebec candidates is exceptionally open to the second round. It is therefore possible for Quebec candidates to register for auditions until May 1, 2022.

Unfortunately, this extension does not apply to candidates outside Quebec.

The Diploma of College Studies (DEC) and the Diploma of Establishment Studies (DEE) are three-year technical programs for athletes with a good background in circus arts or a related discipline, and wishing to enter the professional market. Candidates must be in excellent physical shape, have a good regular training experience and must have developed a skill in a circus discipline or in a related activity such as dance, gymnastics, trampoline, martial arts etc.

DEC is for Quebec’s resident
(16 years old and over) or people with French citizenship
(17 years old and over).

DEE is for people who are not eligible
for the DEC and who are 18 years old and over.


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