from 1st to 5th of June

On the roofs of the great square.

On the roofs of the big square, still asleep, the one who cleans the chimneys is already working: the main arteries that lead to the hearts of the homes.

And in these homes, from morning to night, people live and work.

They study there, they take refuge there.

They play there, they cry there.

We fly there, we fly away.

And we come back to it, always.

Every day, every evening, every night, until morning.


The 2022 graduation show of the École de cirque de Québec, from June 1st to 5th at 7:30 pm.

Geneviève Kérouac

A graduate of the École de Cirque de Québec in 2000, Geneviève Kérouac began her career at Cirque Éos. Clown, straps and aerial diamond are her main disciplines. Between 2002 and 2010, she continued her training in clowning with Francine Côté, René Bazinet, Soizick Hébert and Michel Dallaire. She deepened her mastery of clowning by creating the Dry Beat Show (2004), the Grande Étude (2008), Swing Station (2009) and Oubliette (2012), the Concerto de bruits qui courent (2015) and Camping (2019). In 2008, she co-founded Théâtre à Tempo, a company that creates and produces multidisciplinary shows, of which she is the co-artistic director. She is also artistic advisor and responsible for training in clowning arts at the École de Cirque de Québec.

At the same time, she has dedicated herself professionally to swing dancing since 2003. World Champion in 2005 and 2007, she is a teacher of lindy hop, charleston, blues and balboa at the local and international levels (Europe, Australia, Americas).

She is now an artistic advisor, director and choreographer for numerous productions in circus, music and theater.


Alexandre Alain, Fabric
Camille Bérubé, German wheel
Mïa Dominique, Loop strap
Laurine DumoraTrapeze dance
Guillaume FontaineSoft rope
Gaëtan FournierSmooth rope
Florian GolmanTrampo wall
Juan Luisangel Gongora JaramilloFabric
Justine MusseauBalance
Kei NguyenStick handling
Philippe RaymondDiabolo
Dimitri TerribilliniChinese mast
Dominic Thompson MoreauJuggling
Gabriel Tremblay, Acrobatics
Michel TrudeauTrampo wall
Sébastien Van de WalleTrampo wall

Direction | Geneviève Kérouac
Costumes | Huguette Lauzé
Scenography – Costumes | Colin André-Heriaud
Lighting | Olivier Lépine

Wearing a procedural mask is necessary at all times for all spectators aged 10 and over in the École de cirque de Québec.

We ask you to maintain a minimum distance of 2m between the family bubbles in the queue as well as in the performance hall.

The show lasts 90 minutes without intermissions. We ask you to avoid unnecessary travel during the performance.

We ask you to respect the instructions of the members of the staff for the allocation of places as well as for the entry and exit of the hall.

It is forbidden to consume food and beverages in the room.

If the measures in place are not respected, the ÉCQ reserves the right to require that you leave the establishment without notice and without the possibility of reimbursement.

from May 16th to June 4th

A Zoom Cirque is the result of a creative workshop in which students from the preparatory program, 1st and 2nd year of advanced training at the École de cirque de Québec participated. Lasting approximately 30 minutes, the Zoom Cirque were created and produced in 4 weeks and allow the students to experience the context of street performances.

Location: Fleur de Lys Park stage, near entrance 2
Price: FREE shows open to all

Schedules :
Monday 16 to Wednesday 18 May: 12pm and 5pm
Thursday May 19th : 5pm
Friday, May 20: 12pm and 5pm
Saturday May 21 : 11am and 1:30pm
Tuesday May 24th : 12pm and 5pm
Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 May: 5pm
Friday May 27: 12pm and 5pm
Sunday May 29: 11am and 1:30pm
Monday May 30th to Friday June 3rd : 5pm
Saturday June 4th : 11am and 1:30pm

Fleur de Lys facilities note: As the outdoor space has no seats, we recommend that you bring your own personal seats (camping chair, stool, etc.) in order to enjoy the shows more comfortably.

Zoom 1 (2nd year of DEE/DEC)

Andréanne Careau
Kelly Demers
Amélie Granger
Arthur Isoir
Julie Levrat
Noée Mercier
Léa Rodriguez
Céleste Murman

Zoom 2 (2nd year of DEE/DEC)

Christophe Bétournay
Raphaelle Pépin
Marion Thomer
Catherine Turcotte-Girouard
Carl Turner
Naomi Eddy
Ari Slavin
Sophia Taraman

Zoom 3 (1st year of DEE/DEC)

Amélie Gagnon
Samael Hénault
Vicky Lévesque-Rock
Maïa Lussier
Téo Noiriel
Matthew Morgan
Guillaume Biselx
Chloé Pilloud
Anna Vance

Zoom 4 (1st year of DEE/DEC)

Frédérique Fortin
Ewen Fromager
Lise Kleistendorff
Alexie Laverdière
Meganne Morel
Rose Racette
Theodore Leblanc
Shane Minerich
Andréa Arellano Lara

Wearing a procedural mask or face cover is required on the grounds of the École de cirque de Québec for spectators aged 10 and over.

We ask you to maintain a minimum distance of 2m between the family bubbles in the queue as well as during the course.

We ask you to respect the directives of the members of the personnel in place.

If the measures in place are not respected, the ÉCQ reserves the right to require that you leave the site of the establishment without notice.

June 4th and 5th

Come with your family and learn circus arts in a safe and stimulating environment. Under the watchful eye of our qualified trainers, experiment with juggling, balancing and fixed trapeze. The 1, 2, 3, GO Limoilou Initiative offers a motor skills workshop for toddlers. We look forward to welcoming you!

Workshops for 0 – 5 years old provided by L’Initiative 1, 2, 3, GO Limoilou and above 4 years old for the rest.

Schedule: Saturday June 4th and Sunday June 5th, from 10am to 3:45pm.

No reservations required.

A huge thank you to our partners for this 18th edition of Jours de cirque Festival:

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